Guide to Staking Saloon
The third of Seascape’s modularized DeFi games has arrived. Staking Saloon is a game in which users stake Scapes, Seascape’s original NFTs, in exchange for Crowns, Seascape’s universal token. This guide will take users step by step through how the game works.
The game will automatically recognize the Scapes in your crypto wallet. While other wallets are compatible with the system, we recommend using Metamask as it consistently gives the best performance.
Step One: Stake your Scapes
Choose a Scape from your wallet to stake for Crowns rewards. Once staked, it cannot be retrieved, only exchanged for rewards, so be very sure before you stake!
You can view your Scape’s Quality, (Common, Special, Rare, Epic, Legendary) and their Power. Power is determined by your Scape’s various factors, currently quality and generation, though future seasons may be impacted by additional features. The higher the power, the greater the rewards.
Step Two: Claim your rewards
You can stake up to 3 Scapes, which will each earn separate rewards. You may choose to claim individual rewards, or claim all at once. Certain combinations of Scapes will grant bonus rewards (see below for details).
Step Three: Profit
Claim one or all of your rewards at once. Claiming rewards will burn your Scape in exchange for Crowns. And with this the circle is complete.
Bonus Rewards:
There are a total of 297 bonus rewards available, ranging from 4% to 100% bonus earnings. To collect bonus rewards, users must CLAIM ALL at once. For example, 3 Epic NFTs will give you a bonus, but not 3 Commons. A complete list of bonus combinations will be listed at a later date. Here are a few examples:
Common Trixie - Special Trixie - Rare Trixie = 9% Bonus Rewards
Epic Thump - Epic Trixie - Epic Quicksand = 15% bonus
Legendary Thump - Epic Thump - Common Thump = 21% bonus
Keep an eye on Seascape’s official social media to make sure you can see the full list of possible combination bonuses.
Your Game. Your Rules.
Enjoy the Seascape.
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