Welcome to Seascape

Seascape network product guides, API and code explanations.

As Seascape Network is still developing its products, this documentation might be changed a lot.

If you are a player, who wants to play the gamified defi games or farm with Crowns, go to the Guides.

Guides to DeFi minigames

If you want to get details about Seascape Smartcontracts, such as explanation of the code, the Smart contract addresses, the installation, then go to the Smartcontracts.

If you are developing a client for the gamefied defi games of Seascape Network, go to the Game for developers.

If you want to learn more about marketplace or extend it, then go to Marketplace API

If you want to learn more about IDO platform from Seascape or extend it, then go to Lighthouse.

Finally, if you want to check the Seadex, the exchange on Moonriver from Seascape, then go to Seadex.

CWS token github: https://github.com/blocklords/crowns

Lighthouse smartcontracts github: https://github.com/blocklords/lighthouse-smartcontracts

Rest are: https://github.com/blocklords/seascape-smartcontracts

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