Guide to join the pCWS Pools and NFT Trading

Abridged Guide, care of BakerySwap

This is an abbreviated version of the excellent guide from BakerySwap, which can be viewed here:

  1. Create a BNB-pCWS pool with $50K BAKE in rewards.

Users can go to, find the BNB-pCWS pool under the “Earn BAKE” button, and add to the CWS-BNB pair, and receive BLP tokens. In return, users are encouraged to farm BAKE by staking those BLP tokens through liquidity farming.

Users can look forward to $50,000 BAKE in rewards for early adopters! Remember that every time you stake and unstake LP tokens, the contract will automagically harvest BAKE rewards for you.

2.Create a BAKE to pCWS pool with $50K pCWS in rewards

Users can stake BAKE to earn pCWS. There will be $50,000 pCWS in rewards! And every time you stake and unstake LP tokens, the contract will automagically harvest pCWS rewards for you.

3.Create a pCWS staking pool with 100 Scape NFTs as rewards

BakerySwap will be aiding Seascape with its NFT Exchange, so now users can get their NFTs straight off the BakerySwap NFT market.

Click the “NFT Pool” button on the page, find pCWS NFT pool, stake pCWS and get exquisite NFTs.

After the user completes the token Staking operation, the system will randomly select from the current NFT pool, and the selected NFT will appear in the lower half of the user page.

Users can participate in the pCWS pool and get their hands on 100 Scape NFTs in rewards! And there will be a brand new BAKE exclusive NFT, which users can look forward to by using BakerySwap.

4.Create Seascape Marketplace

At “NFT Supermarket”, Seascape can provide us with more different NFTs and we revenue share. On the page, select the “V2” version. In “My Artworks”, find your NFTs. You need to choose to sell them before they will appear in the buyer’s view In the market.

Also, buyers can choose the Bidding form and get their favorite NFTs at a suitable price. Please click HERE for specific Bidding tutorials.

Get the chance to win $50K $BAKE + $50K $pCWS in rewards! Don’t miss every Interesting Pool an wonderful NFT at BakerySwap.

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