Guide to NFT Brawl

The second of Seascape’s DeFi games based around common concepts has arrived, and this time it’s all about the Scapes. Users with CWS or pCWS can use their coin to get their hands on freshly minted Seascape NFTs, right here at the NFT Brawl!

How It Works:

  • Spend 1-10 CWS/pCWS

  • Up to 2 times per hour (with a cooldown of 30 minutes per stake)

  • Mint random NFTs of every quality

  • Every fifth minting is CRITICAL!

  • Use them however you’d like!

Step One:

Attach your wallet and make sure it’s set to the corresponding chain.

Step Two:

Click on the plus sign in the middle of the secret door. Choose a number 1-10 for the amount of Crowns you would like to stake.

Step Three:

Click on “Mint NFT” for a random NFT.

On the Leaderboard, users can get rewarded for their regular game play. There will be rewards for daily Crowns expenditure, as well as rewards for NFT all-time minting which can only be claimed after the ending of the event. Rewards can be collected cumulatively. Each time you collect daily rewards, all previous uncollected rewards will be withdrawn at once. For critical mints, the rates for getting higher quality NFTs increases dramatically in your favor!

These NFTs can be collected, traded on various DEXes, such as OpenSea, Treasureland, or BakerySwap. In addition, they can be held onto in anticipation of our next game based entirely around NFTs!

The world is your oyster! Stay excited for the true power of DeFi as we continue ramping things up over at the Seascape Network!

Your game. Your rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.

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