Guide to Scape Forum

The fourth of Seascape’s modularized DeFi games has arrived. Scape Forum is a game in which users choose 5 Scapes, Seascape’s original NFTs, to combine into a new, lower generation Scape. This guide will take users step by step through how the game works.

Scape Forum is available on different chains depending on the season, so stay tuned to Seascape official social media for details. The game will automatically recognize the Scapes in your crypto wallet. While other wallets are compatible with the system, we recommend using Metamask or MathWallet as they consistently give the best performance.

Step One: Choose 5 Scapes

Select 5 Scapes that will be burned in the creation of a new Scape of a lower generation. When you select your Scapes, note that they will not have had any transaction on the blockchain until you burn them. This means that if you modify them in any way before burning them in-game, it will produce an error message. Make sure not to engage in any transaction with your Scapes once selected.

Each space represents 20% likelihood of receiving the same burned character. So consuming 2 of the same character will give a 40% likelihood, 3 will give 60% and so on. The quality of the new Scape will be reflected in the quality of the Scapes burned. See the gauge at the bottom of the screen to see which quality your new Scape will be.

Step Two: Fuse your Scapes

In this first season all newly minted Scapes will be a lower generation irrespective of the generation of Scape fused together to mint it.

To increase the quality of the newly minted Scape, it is highly recommended to stake Crowns. Crowns can be retrieved at the end of the Season and once staked, they provide an ongoing bonus for all mints. Staking Crowns will increase your forum points, as shown at the bottom of the screen. Once the forum points are sufficiently high, a higher quality can be attained.

Once you have chosen which Scapes you’d like to fuse as well as the amount of CWS you’d like to stake, select “Fuse” to spend one Crown to fuse your Scapes together into a new Scape. After minting, you will enter a cooldown whose times varies from season to season.

Get Your Hands on a Special Roman Scape!

Seascape’s Roman Scape series is available only in Scape Forum in four qualities, Special, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. In order to attain members of this selective series, it is necessary to use specific combos. These combinations are made up of certain characters and qualities, which are updated each season. See Seascape social media for details. Click combos to see which combination you need to get your hands on him with 100% certainty. If you’re missing any specific Scapes that are necessary for the combo you need, click on the store icon to go to the Scape Store to get your hands on the ones missing. Good luck forging!

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