Guide to Staking Saloon

The third of Seascape’s modularized DeFi games has been totally revamped. Staking Saloon is a game in which users stake NFTs in exchange for token rewards. This guide will take users step by step through how the game works.

The game will automatically recognize the Scapes in your crypto wallet. While other wallets are compatible with the system, we recommend using Metamask as it consistently gives the best performance.

Step One: Choose your Pool

Staking Saloon v2 has two different pools, a speciality pool, in which users can only stake different qualities of a specific NFT character, and a general pool, in which users can stake any Scape character.

In Pool 1, the speciality pool, your NFT will be burned when rewards are claimed. In Pool 2, the general pool, your NFT will NOT be burned when rewards are claimed.

In the specialty pool, players will have the option to add combination bonuses, as well as check-ins bonuses, while the general pool does not have either of these.

Step Two: Stake your Scapes

You can stake up to 3 Scapes, which will each earn separate rewards. By clicking on any of the plus signs, you’ll have the option to select up to 3 NFTs of your choosing to stake. In the specialty pool, certain combinations will result in bonus rewards for the user. You may choose to claim individual rewards, or claim all at once. However, if you have accumulated any bonus rewards, you’ll need to claim all at once in order to receive them!

Now users can attain 10%-50% rewards according to the quality and generation of their Scape. Users will also have the option to check in, if you are staking in the speciality pool. Checking in will also deliver a 0.2% daily boost on bonus rewards, and every set number of days, users who check in are rewarded with increasing qualities of NFT.

Note: Checking in will not require a gas fee from the user.

Step Three: Profit

Claim one or all of your rewards at once. Claiming rewards will burn your Scape in the specialty pool, but will not burn it in the general pool. Collect your Crowns rewards.

Bonus Rewards:

Here is a breakdown of how speciality pool bonuses will work for Seascape NFT hodlers.

A. Same Quality

3 Common NFTs - 10% bonus

3 Special NFTs - 10% bonus

3 Rare NFTs - 20% bonus

3 Epic NFTs - 30% bonus

3 Legendary NFTs - 40% bonus

B. Same Generation

3 Gen 0 - 15% bonus

3 Gen (anything other than 0) - 10% bonus

C. Same Quality and Generation

3 Common NFTs of Gen 0 - 25% bonus

3 Special NFTs of Gen 0 - 25% bonus

3 Rare NFTs of Gen 0 - 30% bonus

3 Epic NFTs of Gen 0 - 40% bonus

3 Legendary NFTs of Gen 0 - 50% bonus

3 Common NFTs of NOT Gen 0 - 20% bonus

3 Special NFTs of NOT Gen 0 - 20% bonus

3 Rare NFTs of NOT Gen 0 - 25% bonus

3 Epic NFTs of NOT Gen 0 - 35% bonus

3 Legendary NFTs of NOT Gen 0 - 45% bonus

Your Game. Your Rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.

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