Guide to Zombie Farm

How to Play

  1. Choose your challenge

Choose from among three staking challenges. The path you choose will determine which challenges are available to you at later levels, for example choosing challenge 1a will lead to 2a. There are a total of 4 levels, each with 3 challenges.

2. Take on the challenge

Challenges will consist of single token, LP token, NFT, and combination staking. In some challenges, staking NFTs will result in their burning. Stake a certain minimum to pass the challenge. The minimum will vary from challenge to challenge, and will be indicated in the popup menu. Challenges can range from easy to difficult, with difficulty measured approximately in how difficult it is to obtain a specific token or coin. Finishing the challenges for each level will unlock the next level. The later the level the greater the reward.

3. Speed up the challenge (Optional)

Once you have met the required minimum for a challenge, and the countdown time has begun, each level has the option to spend CWS to skip the wait time, allowing for the withdrawal of rewards to move on to the next level. Additionally, staking more than the required amount will reduce countdown time.

Note: Be careful about withdrawal times, as players cannot withdraw during the staking countdown. The withdrawal function for the challenge will only be available once the countdown has ended. Forced withdrawals at those times may result in a loss of assets, so make sure that you’re withdrawing at the appropriate time as indicated by the challenge!

4. Clear the level

After the countdown has completed, collect your rewards and move on to the next challenge. Finishing all the challenges in a level will reward the player with a special NFT. Clearing all the levels in a season, will reward the player with a seasonal prize NFT as well. These rewards are limited edition and will have further uses throughout the Seascape ecosystem.

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