How to Play Profit Circus

Seascape's first Modular Mini Game

Step 1a: Provide Liquidity (Ethereum Mainnet)

Head over to Sushiswap to purchase Crowns using Ether.

The Official Crowns smart contract address on Ethereum Mainnet is: 0xac0104cca91d167873b8601d2e71eb3d4d8c33e0

With your newly acquired Crowns, it’s time to add to the liquidity pool of the CWS-ETH pair. You can do so by clicking on the Pool link in the top left of the page, then selecting the CWS token and the amount of liquidity you wish to add to the pool.

Step 1b: Acquire tokens & Add Liquidity (Binance Smart Chain)

Profit Circus S2 has single token staking rather than LP token staking. This means that users need only acquire tokens and stake them directly in the game.

The Official Crowns smart contract address on Binace Smart Chain:


Crowns tokens can be acquired at PancakeSwap , Kucoin ,

AscendEX , and ValueDefi among other places.

See this page for all the locations to purchase Crowns tokens:

Go to PancakeSwap to add Liquidity.

Take those LP tokens and head on over to the game.

Step 1c: Add Liquidity (Moonriver)

Go to SeaDex and after connecting wallet and adding Moonriver to it (see our Guide for details), add liquidity by clicking on pool.

Make sure that you have MOVR so that you can exchange for RIB, Seascape's token on Moonriver network. Add to the RIB-MOVR liquidity pool to get liquidity tokens.

Step 2: The Profit Circus (ETH, BSC, & Moonriver)

Go back to the Seascape Network platform and launch app. Select which chain you would like to play on.

Connect your wallet and let the earning begin! Click the leftmost button the Profit Circus interface to deposit your desired amount of tokens (LP tokens in the case of ETH, CWS in the case of BSC). This amount will determine what amount of Crowns you will have access to claim.

You will be rewarded with one free NFT on your first visit with a new wallet.

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