Shared Smartcontract Parameters

Description of sharing smartcontract ABI and the address using the Seascape CDN.

Developers can automatically upload smartcontract parameters to the Seascape CDN using Seascape SDK. For that, developers can integrate the Seascape SDK into the smartcontract development frameworks. During the smartcontract deployment, Seascape SDK will take care of uploading the data to the Seascape CDN.

The Smartcontract Configuration contains the several parts:

  • Configuration Format - a schema and the location of the configurations

  • SeascapeCdnConfig - a module that contains all deployed smartcontract information of the project.

  • SeascapeAbiConfig - a module that tracks the ABI variations of the smartcontract.

  • SeascapeAbi - a module that keeps the ABI in Seascape CDN.

  • CDN Write - a module to set up from the Smartcontract frameworks. (This module should be used in the truffle or hardhat frameworks by the smartcontract developers)

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