Explains how to setup the smartcontract configuration using Seascape SDK.

CDN should be updated by the smartcontract developers. If you are going to read the smartcontract configuration, please skip this section.

In order to upload the smartcontract configuration onto the Seascape CDN, a developer has to have access to the Seascape CDN.

In the future version we will turn it into the backend, so that anyone can set the Seascape CDN.

Note, that the CDN Write recommended to be used in the Smartcontract frameworks.

Currently, Seascape SDK supports truffle and hardhat framework as well as the custom configuration tool, to upload without any framework. The latter version is not recommended.


In order to use CDN Write module, you should set the .env variable for truffle framework or hardhat framework.


You can host your own variant. For example the easiest way is to use Alicloud's OSS (Object Storage Service). Or extend the Seascape JS, to include AWS S3.

If you integrate it with the Filecoin, Sia or IPFS, please let me know via email `admin @`. I would be happy to have a call with you to discuss your vision on decentralization.dsds

The following three pages describe how to update the Seascape using the Moonscape Smartcontracts. Since there are three ways to update the CDN.

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