The guide to use Seascape SDK

Seascape SDK speeds up the development of the Decentralized Applications.

Seascape SDK hides the complexicity of the blockchain for developers and makes the Backend/Frontend and Blockchain relationship smoother.

The Seascape SDK is a pragmatic approach on development, its the result of writing complex Play 2 Earn games for more than 3,5 years.

Seascape SDK helps to interact with the blockchain. It's a layer on top of the libraries to simplify the most boring parts of the libraries or it adds the helpers on top of the libraries to use it by the Game developers without going deeper into the blockchain terminology. Yet, for more complicated things, you can use the libraries directly from the Seascape SDK itself.

The Typescript implementation for the Node.js applications is called Seascape JS.

On the roadmap, we aim to release the code for Go language as well.

Here are parts that Seascape SDK improves in the development of the code:

  • Server approved data submission for the users to the Blockchains.

  • Single library to setup the smartcontracts in the Seascape CDN.

  • Smartcontract interaction made easier.

If you don't understand it all, don't worry. I will cover them up in more details.

On the next page, I explain how to install the Seascape JS into your library.

Then I will explain each features with the examples.

Then I will list the API references for full list.

Finally, some notes about the internal structure of the code for changing the Seascape JS for your own needs or for contribution into it.

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