Local deployment

This page describes how to install the SeaDex onyour laptop


Project is using Docker. Install Docker Desktop and Docker Compose. Once its done, Login into your Login through your terminal in your computer:

$ docker login

Before you run the containers, you should create .env file in the root folder of Seadex:

Add to .env two following variables:

PRIVKEY=<moonbeam alpha testnet key>
PRIVKEY_MOONRIVER=<moonriver deployer key>

Now, you can run the docker containers:

$ docker-compose up -d

Run the command docker-compose in the root folder.

Once its done, visit every docker container that you will see.

In order to edit the containers, visit the container:

$ docker exec -it seadex-contracts bash

Inside the container all of them follow the same procedure to initialize:

npm i
npm start

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