Managing Token

Managing tokens on the Seadex Interface

This guide is intended for Seascape users, or governors. If you want to deploy it yourself, read it and follow the similar steps on your own CDN storage.

Download You may add a new token to the list, you may remove token from the list. Or you can edit the parameters of an existing token in the list. Editing could include changing the Name, Symbol, Address, Chain Id or Icon URL.

All of the changes are straightforward except the Icon URL changing.

According to the Seascape format, the token icon urls are stored in

If there is need to change Icon URL then, upload a new version of icon onto CDN's currencies/ folder. If there is a logo of the item, then new logo should be named with the iteration. Otherwise, name the icon with the token's symbol.

For example, The CDN already have currencies/rib.png. We want to update it to set a new Icon for RIB token. In that case upload a new version of icon as currencies/rib2.png.

After Editing

Once you finished the changes, we need to update the version of the Token List. In the "version" parameter, we have three sub-parameters:

  • major

  • minor

  • patch

Increment Major, if you added a new token. Increment minor if you removed token. Increment patch if you edited parameters of the current tokens.

For example, we are editing Token list V.1.0.0. Our edition includes two token addition, one token removing, and five changes. Then the updated version of the token list version will be 3.1.5

Upload Token List

Open the seadex/ folder in CDN. Rename the seadex.tokenlist.json to seadex.tokenlist..json. With doing so, we are archivating the token list. After that, upload the edited token list as seadex.tokenlist.json

After a while, Seadex frontend should update the token list.

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