The Changelog according to the github tags


Contracts are created: (github commit: c84fcca8bc0e8986b219206930cc41e41e8a5d47)

  • Lighthouse Tier Wrapper (with deployer address as Verifier):

    - Moonriver (Kusama) Network

  • Lighthouse Project (with specific verifier address)

    - Moonriver (Kusama) Network

  • Lighthouse Regsitration (with tier wrapper)

    - Moonriver (Kusama) Network

crowns 2021-09-08

Changed Contracts:


  • Crowns deployed on Moonriver and bridged to Meter Passport.

profit-circus-s3 2021-08-15

Changed Contracts:


  • Profit Circus The claiming free nft is modified to prevent bot abuse. Now the minting requires a minimum staking tokens for a certain period of time.

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