Seascape NFT (SCAPES)

ERC721 token of Seascape Network

Seascape NFT directory is


The Seascape NFT contract. It's based on openzeppelin ERC721. This NFT is

  • burnable,

  • stores metadata such as URI for metadata.

  • numarable

  • mintable

Seascape NFT can be minted only by another smartcontract. Which is called Nft Factory.

The permission to Minted in Seascape NFT is given by the method:

function setFactory(address _factory) public onlyOwner

Minting process also passes two additional parameters of Seascape NFT: generation, quality. These parameters are used in the Seascape games later.


Minting Seascape NFTs. It is using Role permission feature to mint different kind of NFTs.


library used in another smartcontracts. It has a quality property of NFTs. Quality is one of the additional data used in Seascape Network.

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